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Hello and welcome to my bird photography site. I grew up in a semi-rural part of Perth, Western Australia. Since an early age I have been interested in the beauty and fragility of the natural world. After school and on weekends I would spend a lot of time exploring and looking for birds with my friends. Most of the bush and all of the wetlands we explored are now covered in suburbia and industrial estates but my interest in the natural world remains undiminished.


I currently live in the Peel region of southern Western Australia. Sadly the wonderful birds of this region are now facing many of the same threats of urban development, land clearing and industrialisation as the birds of my childhood. 


I believe a persons photography tells us what is important to them. Photography is a fantastic story-telling medium with endless possibilities to express yourself. My stories tell of the beauty and intelligence of birds. They all have personalities of their own and photography gives me an excuse to spend time close to what I love. As I am always chasing better images than the ones I have bird photography will be my passion for the rest of my life.


As truly wild places and animals continue to diminish I hope my photography installs a greater appreciation of Australian birds and the natural world as a whole.


As this site is a work-in-progress  watch this space as I add more photographs. My images are free of charge for conservation and education purposes.

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